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10 Years Strong and still going!! Our Anniversary year has been one to remember!!

By GetShooksports , 09/03/19, 8:15PM CDT


10 Years Strong and still going!!

10 Years Strong and still going!!  Our Anniversary year has been one to remember!!     


Family, friends and fans of the GetShooksports brand.  Our 2019 boys spring/summer season has officially come to a end..  It has been filled with a lot of excitement and learning lessons, with so many new memories and friendships built.  I have seem many kids grow leaps and bounds on and off the court.  As a Coach that is all you can ask for to see the players you coach and invest in be better at the end of the season than they were at the beginning of the season.  Our brand and teams have been represented in the right manner in the state of Minnesota and across the country.  They played at a very high level 


Our teams have competed at a very high level through out the spring/summer season in 2019.  We beat a lot of good teams and programs at every level.  We earned a lot of new respect, fans and our talent was recognized for the hard they put in and praised the style of play that we play at GetShooksports which is built off a Defensive mindset and skills.  Until next season..  Play Hard - Play Smart - Play Together!! 


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10 year anniversary picture

10 year anniversary picture